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Beginning on January 1, 2019, all orders by student groups and organizations will flow through the University of Arizona BookStores' Direct to Campus Program. Please visit the Trademarks & Licensing website or the BookStores' Direct to Campus website for more information. Club Sports orders will not flow through the BookStores, but through the new Club Sports Portal.

Below are guidelines for the appropriate use of UA marks when creating marketing, promotional materials, and communications for, and on behalf of, UA-recognized student clubs and organizations. The University wants to help student groups express association with the University, while not creating situations where it appears the student groups represent or speak on behalf of the University. These guidelines are designed to provide student groups very clear direction about the use of UA trademarks while limiting the number of required reviews and revisions.


These guidelines are administered and refined collaboratively between the associate vice president for marketing and brand management and the assistant vice president for student affairs and dean of students


These guidelines apply to all student clubs and organizations recognized by the University of Arizona, as determined by the most current version of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) Club and Organization Handbook. Any individual or organization not recognized by ASUA is considered independent of the University and must follow the University’s trademarks and licensing policies and practices.

Special Cases

University-designated student organizations that have an acknowledged partnership with a university academic or administrative unit, and have been created by a university department or division to support ongoing interests of the university community may have privileges which may or may not be extended to other student organizations. Such designated student organizations are considered by the UA to be critical to the mission and culture of the University and are inherently linked due to their role as a University representative; thus such an organization is an integral part of the institution and routinely presents events for the University and surrounding community. Other privileges may be granted to a designated student organization by the sponsoring university department or division, which may or may not be extended to other student organizations. This also includes more extensive use of UA marks.

  • Create their own club logos and branding
  • Use official UA Red and Arizona Blue colors
  • Use the trademarked words “Arizona,” "The University of Arizona,” “Cats,” and “Wildcats”
  • Apply the “Block A” to materials so that it is separated from all other creative elements at a distance equal to or greater than 5 times the height of the logo. (For example, the club logo might be on the front of a t-shirt and the "Block A” may be on the back or a sleeve. Or, the club logo might be at the top of letterhead or a website, and the "Block A” may be at the bottom.) 
  • Use the trademarked Wildcat face, unaltered
  • Create club or organization materials that:
    • are obscene
    • include weapons
    • include profanity
    • include references to alcohol or drugs
  • Use images of, or the words “Wilbur,” or “Wilma”
  • Use the “shadow cat” or "shadow A" as a logo element
  • Use any other University branding elements besides those described in the “may” column. This includes, but is not limited to University taglines, brand accessories (i.e. triangle patterns, celebratory bursts, etc.) and fonts (Friz or Milo).
  • Use University wordmarks in their logos
  • Violate clear space rules of the University or other organization’s marks (cannot combine two logos)
  • Alter or create alternate interpretations of existing University trademarks
  • Obtain creative approval through University Trademarks and Licensing for all materials incorporating University of Arizona trademarks -- email with any and all questions
  • Follow all existing Trademarks and Licensing guidelines for use of the “Block A”
  • Be an ASUA-recognized student club or organization

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