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Updated: October 28 2014

Great brands don't just happen.

They are built on clear positioning and a great story.

The resources on this brand portal will help you create the authentic UA stories that make an emotional and intellectual connection. So you can build meaningful relationships with your audience.

Using these tools correctly will help us:

  • create alignment,
  • boost our reputation,
  • increase loyalty,
  • engage with our audiences, and
  • build consistency.


What you'll find here:

  • Identity
    The Arizona Logo and how to use it.
  • Brand Strategy
    The starting point that inspires the look, feel and tone of our communications.
  • Voice and Tone
    What kinds of words do we use to describe ourselves? How can we most effectively tell our stories?
  • Color
    Beyond our logo, color is the most recognizable aspect of our brand identity.
  • Typography
    When it’s used thoughtfully, typography is a powerful brand tool that can add visual meaning to what is communicated.
  • Photography
    Our photography style is airy and organic, using natural light whenever possible.
  • Graphic Elements
    The University of Arizona brand has a variety of graphic tools that create a unique look and make us instantly recognizable.

  • Contact Us
    Contact University Relations Marketing.


Trademarks & Licensing

If you are creating a promotional product (such as t-shirts, bags, mugs, solar-powered cars, spaceships, etc.) that includes a trademark of the UA such as the block 'A,' contact Trademarks & Licensing. 

The mission of the Department of Trademarks & Licensing is to protect, promote, and enhance the image of the University of Arizona. The office protects the appropriate use of those trademarks, service marks, logos, and insignias that have come to be associated with The University of Arizona.