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Updated: May 04 2016

Our purpose

To build the power of the University of Arizona name and capacity to achieve its ambitious goals as a super land-grant university.

The resources on this brand portal will help you:

  • Execute UA’s market position
  • Differentiate UA and your college or department from competitors
  • Resonate with our audiences so you attain your business goals

Together we paint a clear picture of what UA is and what it stands for. We align our voices and authentically tell our unique story, our vast knowledge of opportunities and successes, distilled into clear experiences for the benefit of our audiences. We accept the challenge to show existing and potential stakeholders how they are a part of UA’s future, driven to go beyond boundaries to enrich our world.


Great brands don't just happen

Strong brands are built on clear positioning and a great story. They are built over time, leveraging resources and talent for efficient and consistent expression of identity and value. The vitality that we build into the UA brand will benefit the University well beyond our time here.

Our brand defines the relationship between UA and our stakeholders and differentiates us from other higher education institutions. Our brand equity is the power of our name and reputation to attract students, talent, funding, to maximize our impact, and to remain competitive. We work to maximize the potential of both.


News from Marketing Communications & Brand Management

Thank you again to those of you who attended the April 2 Marketing Council meeting. As promised, the presentation is available to review at your convenience, at this link.

Based on the survey feedback, our top tier priorities, some of which we have already posted to, include:

  • Photography Overhaul
  • Digital Brand Guidelines
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Word Document Templates


Trademarks & Licensing

If you are creating a promotional product (such as t-shirts, bags, mugs, solar-powered cars, spaceships, etc.) that includes a trademark of the UA such as the "Block A", contact Trademarks & Licensing. 

The mission of the Department of Trademarks & Licensing is to protect, promote, and enhance the image of the University of Arizona. The office protects the appropriate use of those trademarks, service marks, logos, and insignias that have come to be associated with The University of Arizona.