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Proxima Nova is our sans serif font for professional/advertising use. 
It is part of Adobe Creative Cloud.

To request access to Adobe Creative Cloud at work, contact your department’s designated Adobe Creative Cloud IT representative. If you’re unsure who to contact, you can view the list of Adobe Creative Cloud IT Representatives. Your representative will reach out to confirm your license activation and aid in installing Adobe Creative Cloud on your computer.

How to use it:

Proxima Nova Extra Condensed should only be used for bold headline design purposes. It should always be used in all caps.

Proxima Nova can be used for headline, subhead and body copy design purposes.


Alternative Fonts 

Calibri is our alternate sans serif font meant for everyday uses in Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook). This includes Trellis Marketing Cloud for our e-communications.

Times New Roman is our alternative serif font, reserved for formal documents in Microsoft Office.


Web Fonts

The University has purchased an enterprise web font license for use with all arizona.edu subdomains for the following font faces:

  • MiloWeb-Medium
  • MiloWeb-Bold
  • MiloWeb
  • MiloSerifWeb-Black Italic 
  • MiloSerifWeb
  • MiloSerifWeb-Black
  • MiloWeb-Italic 

For CSS examples of the Milo font suite in action, visit the fonts page on UA Bootstrap.

The Milo font suite is available for official use by UA employees through a license with FontShop. Please follow the instructions below to ensure compliance with the license. Please do not download the fonts files for any other use, as this will violate the UA license.

How to Get Web Fonts

Instructions can be found on the how to Add Milo to Your Website page. If you don't see instructions, please fill out the font license agreement form and your permissions will be updated within two business days. If you have any questions, please email brand@email.arizona.edu

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