The use of University of Arizona registered marks is regulated by the Arizona licensing program. Campus units may only use the “Block A” with their official logo provided to them within the approved logo system, without modifications. Any individual, organization or company wishing to use Arizona logos and trademarks must obtain permission to do so in writing from Trademarks & Licensing.

Logo Downloads


Full Color use this full-color version whenever possible Download
Arizona Blue 1-color prints Download
Arizona Red 1-color prints Download
Black black and white materials Download
Reversed for etching on glass or white on metal Download

Logo Reversed Out

The University of Arizona logo can be reversed out of any color or photograph as long as sufficient contrast exists. To maintain consistency, only use the examples of the logo displayed below.

Note: All versions of the "Block A” have an embedded white border and substrate. When reversing out the logos be sure to keep the white border and substrate intact.


Reversed Arizona Red + Blue preferred Download
Reversed Arizona Blue 1-color prints Download
Reversed Arizona Red 1-color prints Download
Reversed Black black and white materials Download

Logo System

The University of Arizona logo and trademark system is cohesive and amplifies the great work done across all units in order to protect and increase our reputation. 

To ensure that we present a united front, Marketing & Brand Management and select designees are entrusted to create all marks on behalf of the University. Representations of the University of Arizona are under the discretion of the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. 

Unit Logos

Use these guidelines on logo treatments across our diverse entities and affiliations at Arizona for a more cohesive brand experience. 

Colleges, Central Offices Schools, Centers, Institutes and Departments Entities that further the University's mission, but may have their own equity and serve audiences outside the university Independent collaborations or organizations recognized as standalone brands Student organizations, student clubs, sports clubs and campus events

NOTE: Need access to your unit's logo? New program and need a logo? Unsure whether you have one or not? Complete the Logo Request Form.

Logo Request Form

Brand Extensions

Brand Extensions directly serve and support the mission of the University. These include colleges and central offices that incorporate the master logo with a consistent "lockup", or spatial relationship, to reinforce and strengthen the brand. Please review the examples below: 

Academic Colleges

Non-academic University offices,divisions and business units


Sub-brands are part of something greater and are never stand-alone brands. They support the overall mission of the University, but they are often not recognized without a connection to the master brand or primary sub-brand. These include schools and academic departments, as well as centers, programs, institutes and initiatives. 

Endorsed Brands

Endorsed brands are cross-university collaborations and external partnerships that further the University mission, but have a broader reach. They may have their own equity and serve audiences outside of the University. Please review the examples.

Logo Applications

For brand extensions, sub-brands and endorsed brands, we have designed different versions of your logo for your multiple use cases. Please note your unit may not have all of the versions or file formats available based on conversations with your brand advisory team about your individual needs. However, if you are missing one you believe you should have, complete the Logo Request Form


This version includes the full name of the University. Use for all formal communications and for advertising outside of Southern Arizona, when the audience is not aware of the University relationship. For example, send your primary logo to the organizers of a conference brochure where your unit is participating along with several other universities; best choice for stationery. (Logo shown here is the primary reversed EPS file sent to a licensed printer.)

Alternate/Web header

Use on websites, when the full name of the University is prominently noted outside the logo, and for local advertising when the University-unit relationship is clear. (Logo shown here is alternate web header PNG, sent to web developer for placement) 


For more information about alternate logo versions and use cases, please reach out at brand@arizona.edu

Affiliated Brands

Affiliated brands are independent collaborations or organizations that are recognized as standalone brands. They generally have separate governance, a separate corporate structure (e.g., their own 501(C)(3)), and at least some separate funding. Affiliated brands include, but are not limited to: 

  • Arizona Public Media (AZPM) 
  • Ashline 
  • Athletics 
  • Banner Health 
  • Center for Creative Photography 
  • Southwest Folklife Alliance
  • University of Arizona Foundation 
  • UA Presents

NOTE: The weight between the individual identity and the Master Brand is decided on a case-by-case basis so both enhance each other's reputations.Affiliated brands are determined on a case-by-case basis. If you think you might be an affiliate brand or for more information, fill out the Logo Request Form

Sponsored brands are student organizations, student clubs, sports clubs and campus events that are not recognized as individual brands. Visit the Student Clubs page for specific guidelines on the appropriate use of Arizona marks when creating marketing, promotional materials and communications for, and on behalf of, University-recognized student clubs and organizations. 

The University directly oversees these internal- and external-facing organizations and they benefit from the strength of the University brand, but their identity and brand equity does not enhance or detract from the overall strength of the master brand. 

The “Block A” does not combine with sponsored brand logos, but must appear as a secondary element on communication pieces. For example: 

Multiple Sponsors

Avoid using multiple University of Arizona logos in the same space, whether it is a printed material or a digital asset. You can however use the LIMITED logo version. The LIMITED logo version is used when several UArizona units are mentioned (co-spons) and the master logo is prominently displayed, to ensure only ONE “Block A” logo is visible.


Logo Usage

Understand how to use the “Block A” logo consistently and accurately, so that you can help amplify the visibility of the University of Arizona brand. 

Registered marks of the University of Arizona, such as the "Block A" logo and its variants, seal, mascots, images of Old Main and wordmarks such as ARIZONA®, WILDCATS™, ARIZONA WILDCATS®, CATS®, BEAR DOWN®, ZONAZOO®, and the University of Arizona® must be licensed. Their use is regulated by the Arizona licensing program. Any individual, organization or company wishing to use Arizona logos and trademarks must obtain permission to do so in writing from Trademarks & Licensing.

Anatomy of the “A” Our logo is red, white and blue


Quick guide to the construction of the “Block A” logo:

  • The “A” can be any size above the minimum, but must not be otherwise altered in any way. This logo is a federally registered trademark.
  • The block and serif “A” must always be the darkest elements.
  • Marks may not be reversed out on dark backgrounds. They may only be used in the ways shown above.
  • Use the correct red and blue: UA Red and Arizona Blue definitions may be found here.
  • Use the process color mix for reproducing the “A” logo as a 4-color (CMYK) print.
  • The “A” should not be screened.
  • The “A” may never be overlapped by other marks or images.
  • Variations of the “A” will not be accepted.
  • When appearing on a color/dark/clear (glass) background, the “A” must include the solid white substrate. Clear background (glass) is equivalent to a color / dark background.
  • The substrate of the “A” should be opaque. No other color, pattern or background image should be visible.
  • “A” may never be used as part of a word to represent the letter
  • The only two color combination use of the “A” is Arizona Red and Arizona Blue (as shown above)
  • The “Block A” may never be added to another graphic, it must always stand alone.

“Block A” and “The University of Arizona”

The “Block A” icon above is combined with the name of the University in balanced spatial relationships that should not be altered. To prevent market confusion with our near competitors, use the logos with the full name of the University for marketing or anything that may be distributed outside Southern Arizona or the Tucson main campus direct area unless you are using your unit logo. The apparel version, with simply “Arizona,” should only be used in extremely tight areas, or as its name implies, on shirts when the printing is small, or you believe the usage will be minimal.

Minimum Sizes

To maintain full legibility, never reproduce the logos at sizes smaller than those listed below. These minimum sizes are meant for 300 dpi, high-quality printing. 

Control or Clear Space

Clear space must surround all Arizona logos (including unit logos) to ensure legibility and prominence. The size of the clear space around all logos must be at least the width of the top blue bar of the “Block A.”

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins can be no smaller or larger than an inch at its largest dimension. No more than three lines of text for Rectangle template. Circle template will always have the same point size of text for the division name and “THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA.”


The Trademark Symbol

Be sure the trademark symbol is visible as an integral part of the logo on all your pieces. When enlarging any of the UA logos for print, product or banner applications, the circle-R symbol should not be larger than 0.25 inch. This will require a manual adjustment.
For guidance on the use of the trademark symbol in web and permanent signage applications, please contact licensing@arizona.edu.

Red and Blue

When appearing on a red background the “A” may be printed in blue (no substrate). Or, on a blue background, the “A” is printed in red (including red substrate). These are the only approved combinations of red on blue, and blue on red, and are provided as a one-color option to print in Arizona Red and Arizona Blue.

Embossing and Debossing


The serif “A” and “Block A” must always be the areas that are embossed (raised).


The substrate must always be the area that is debossed (depressed).

Etching in Glass

When etching on glass, the substrate should always be etched allowing the serif “A” in the center to be clear.

Black Etching on Metal Silver, Gold, and Stainless

When etching black on metal, the “Block A” may use the metal as the substrate, ensuring the inner serif “A” is the darkest part of the logo.

Stainless Steel

A one-color “Block A” may be produced on stainless steel, but the general rule that the serif “A” must be the darkest element of the mark must be followed. When the color being printed is lighter in color than the stainless steel, the “Block A” needs to be reversed to include a substrate (see White Etching on Metal below).


White Etching on Metal Silver

A white, one-color “Block A” may be produced on silver metal using the reversed logo (above) as a guide. The substrate must be white and the serif “A” in the center should be the darkest element.

Foil Stamping

When appearing on a color or dark background, the “A” must include the substrate.

On White

On Black

Practices to Avoid

These standards apply to all official University logos and logo versions as described in these guidelines. The set of examples shown here does not include all noncompliant possibilities. Always use unaltered logos.


Multiple Sponsors

Avoid using multiple University of Arizona logos in the same space, whether it is a printed material or a digital asset. You can however use the LIMITED logo version. The LIMITED logo version is used when several UArizona units are mentioned (co-spons) and the master logo is prominently displayed, to ensure only ONE “Block A” logo is visible.


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