Unit Logos

Use these quick guidelines on logo treatments across our diverse UA entities and affiliations for a more cohesive brand experience.

UA Colleges, Central Offices Schools, Centers, Institutes and Departments Entities that further the UA mission, but may have their own equity and serve audiences outside the university Independent collaborations or organizations recognized as standalone brands Student organizations, student clubs, sports clubs and campus events

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UA Master Logo

The University of Arizona master logo represents us at the very highest level and acts as a signature, an identifier, and a stamp of quality. To download the master logo and understand its usage, see the Master Logo page. Master brand marks are not for use on apparel or other products by University units, who are required to use their logo lockups, as defined below.

Logo System

The University of Arizona has invested in a logo and trademarks system that is cohesive and amplifies the great work done across all units in order to protect and increase our reputation. To ensure that we present a united front, Marketing & Brand Management and its select designees have been entrusted to create all marks on behalf of the University. Representations of the University of Arizona are under the discretion of the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer.

Brand Extensions

UA Brand Extensions directly serve and support the mission of the University. These include colleges and central offices that incorporate the master logo with a consistent "lockup", or spatial relationship, to reinforce and strengthen the brand. Please review the examples below.

Academic colleges

Non-academic University offices, divisions and business units


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UA sub-brands are part of something greater and are never stand-alone brands. They support the overall mission of the University, but they are often not recognized without a connection to the master brand or primary sub-brand. These include schools and academic departments, as well as centers, programs, institutes and initiatives. Please review the examples below.

Departments, centers, institutes, schools and initiatives aligned with a single or limited number of business unit


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Endorsed Brands

UA endorsed brands are cross-university collaborations and external partnerships that further the UA mission, but have a broader reach and may have their own equity and serve audiences outside of the University. A clear tie to the master brand is necessary to add credibility and to enhance the University’s reputation.

Endorsed brands (examples)

NOTE:  Need access to your unit's logo? For guidance on how to best incorporate your logo into materials, fill out the Logo Request Form.

Logo Applications

We have designed different versions of your logo for your multiple use cases. Please note your unit may not have all of the versions or file formats available, based on conversations with your brand advisory team about your individual needs. However, if you are missing one you believe you should have, fill out the Logo Request Form.


This version includes the full name of the University. Use for all formal communications and for advertising outside of Southern Arizona, when the audience is not aware of the UA relationship. For example, send your primary logo to the organizers of a conference brochure where your unit is participating along with several other universities; best choice for stationery.

(Logo shown here is the primary reversed EPS file sent to a licensed printer.)

Alternate/Web header

Use on websites, when the full name of the University is prominently noted outside the logo, and for local advertising when the UA-unit relationship is clear.

(Logo shown here is alternate web header PNG, sent to web developer for placement)


This heavily short-handed logo is for use by top-level units when space is limited, resolution is low and promotional impact is required, such as shirts, mugs and other small spaces. Eller, Humanities, and Public Health are shorthand for the names of the colleges, and these logos are excellent for embroidery. 

(Logo shown here is embroidery reversed EPS, sent to professional embroiderer/shirt company)

Modified embroidery

These versions are created when your sub-unit’s name is required but is too long and space is limited, use sans serif lettering and move this portion of your name to a secondary location, such as a shirt sleeve.


Use when the UA triangle container master logo is nearby, or when there are several UA units on a single piece, to avoid more than one "Block A" on a page.

(Logo shown here is limited reversed EPS, placed in an Adobe InDesign file)

Multiple logo options

If you are promoting an event with other UA entities and would like to show participation for all of them, you have several options.

  1. Limited logos + master logo — as above, ensure the text is all the same size and that there is sufficient room between placements to make them all legible.
  2. Text-only list of departments — ensure the text is close to the master logo, or repeat the name of the University so that the relationship between the unit and the UA is clear.

Vertical top level units only

Use with small, square print spaces and narrow widths if you have determined that the UA’s master brand or your parent brand’s vertical logo, in conjunction with your unit’s name in plain text, is inappropriate for a specific space.

Additional Guidelines

Do use the right logo for your application. For example, use your primary logo for your out-of-state communications and your promotional logo for embroidery. Do use your unit’s vertical logo only on promotional materials that require professional printing services. Do also use full-color whenever possible. Regarding size, clear space around the "Block A", and trademark symbol visibility, follow the same guidelines as used with the master logo. For guidance on minimum sizes, clear space, trademark symbol as well as practices to avoid, see the Logo Usage page.

Do ask us if you are not sure, at brand@email.arizona.edu.

Affiliated Brands

UA affiliated brands are independent collaborations or organizations that are recognized as standalone brands. They generally have a separate governance, a separate corporate structure (e.g. their own 501(C)(3)), and at lease some separate funding. UA affiliated brands include, but are not limited to:

  • Arizona Public Media (AZPM)
  • Ashline
  • Athletics
  • Banner Health
  • Center for Creative Photography
  • Southwest Folklife Alliance
  • UA Foundation
  • UA Presents

The weight between the individual identity and the Master Brand is decided on a case-by-case basis so both enhance each other's reputations.

Affiliated brands (examples)

NOTE:  Affiliated brands are determined on a case-by-case basis. If you think you might be an affiliate brand or for more information, fill out the Logo Request Form.

UA sponsored brands are student organizations, student clubs, sports clubs and campus events that are not recognized as individual brands. Visit the Student Clubs page for specific guidelines on the appropriate use of UA marks when creating marketing, promotional materials, and communications for, and on behalf of, UA-recognized student clubs and organizations.

The university directly oversees these internal- and external-facing organizations and they benefit from the strength of the university brand, but their identity and brand equity does not enhance or detract from the overall strength of the master brand.

The “Block A” does not combine with sponsored brand logos, but must appear as a secondary element on communication pieces.

Sponsored brand logo usage (examples)


NOTE:  If you have questions about UA Sponsored Logos and usage, fill out the Logo Request Form.