Thank you for joining us at the 2023 ONE Conference
Tuesday, July 18!


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ONE Conference 2022 Takeaways

We hope you loved our Summer Camp theme, the workshop and networking activities and all the exciting content shared that day.

One of the main takeaways to embrace in the coming year is that the way audiences engage with content is always changing. As stewards of our University brand and as its storytellers, our task is clear: Know our audiences and how we can create content and experiences “radically relevant” to them while we continue to build the brand.

Below are the session presentations if you missed them and that you can reference this next year as you put ideas into action. As always, reach out to with any questions.


Steve Moore
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

President Robert C. Robbins
The University of Arizona




Jay Baer, CSP, CPAE
Marketing and Customer Service Keynote Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
Convince & Convert

Total marketing messages increased 40% last year. To protect their attention, audiences are stashing it away inside a castle. You cannot breach this castle by creating even MORE messages. But you can exceed your communication goals IF you convince your audiences to lower a drawbridge and invite you in. In this presentation, you will learn the three drawbridges and how to lower them.

Please note this presentation is for internal viewing only and will be available until Tuesday, November 1. This may NOT be shared publicly.



Accessing Content Channels Across Campus

Do you have important content but do not know how or where to share it for the greatest impact? From news releases and the Alumni Magazine to engaging with current students and submitting stories for the Wonder Makes Us campaign, this panel brought together content managers from across some of our largest content channels. We discussed core objectives and audiences for each channel and how and when to submit to them.

Communications Strategy 


Adrienne Barela, Content Director, Marketing & Brand Management
Sarah Beaudry, Senior Director, Communications, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement
Pila Martinez, Senior Director for Strategic Communications, University Communications
Ivy Morris, Content Strategist, Digital, Campus Brand Engagement
Jenny Nirh, Director, Collaboration Communication and Outreach, Student Success & Retention Innovation

Moderator: Frank Camp, Director, Marketing Strategy, Marketing & Brand Management


The Power of Experience to Build the Brand

Design your own wonder-filled experience while learning how to think like a CX professional. Use the workshop materials for an existing or new experience you aim to create. Consider your experience through the lens of your audience and design with audience engagement and audience-centric goals in mind. Use the attached workshop documents for guidance.


Misha Harrison, Executive Director, Experience
Joe Klug, Assistant Director, Experience


A Case for Marketing Cloud: Templates, Branding and More

Learn all about Trellis's tool, Marketing Cloud. Considered the University's enterprise solution to replace Mailchimp, Emma and more, Marketing Cloud allows for seamless communications to your audiences. Experience Marketing Cloud capabilities, support systems, user case studies and how the product can work for you and your communications.


Cindy Rupp Valdez, Director of CRM Strategy, Campus Brand Engagement
Kimberly Winchell, Analyst, Implementation, University Information Technology Services


Future of Digital: Lessons from TikTok

Learn what TikTok is teaching us about user expectations in 2022. From how to use data and user testing to customize experiences, to the ways video storytelling is shortening, shapeshifting and surprising.


Sabre Sarnataro, Executive Director, Digital Marketing, Marketing & Brand Management
Emily Stulz, Director, Social Media, Campus Brand Engagement


Translating the Brand Campaign for the Enrollment Marketing Journey

In this discussion, the panel outlined the difference between the Brand Campaign (WONDER MAKES US) and the University Brand. Learn the current creative strategy for WONDER 3.0 and a creative case study for the use of WONDER through the Enrollment Marketing journey. See how we took that beautiful imagery and inspirational brand storytelling and translated it to prospective first-year student and parent audiences.



Magan Alfred, Senior Director, Enrollment Marketing
Teri Bingham, Creative Director Enrollment Marketing
Janice Simcoe, Associate Director, Brand Equity, Marketing & Brand Management

Moderator: Jenna Rutschman, Director, Marketing Strategy, Campus Brand Engagement




Digital Tools to Tell Your Story

Get up to speed on the latest digital tools available to help you tell your unit's stories as well as create a branded, accessible, mobile responsive website. Review best practices for an inclusive user experience, content strategy, Trellis and the broader Digital Experience Technologies and web accessibility reporting tool (Dubbot) that can help you reach your unit's goals.


Dana Hertzberg, Web Development Manager
Sanjana Nikolich-Singh, Information Technology Support Analyst, Senior, University Information Technology Services
Dawn Hunziker, Assistant Director, Digital and Physical Access, Disabilities Resource Center
Sabre Sarnataro, Executive Director, Digital Marketing, Marketing & Brand Management


What Is News?

What makes a story “newsworthy”? What doesn’t? How can you explain the value of media placements to deans, department heads and stakeholders? Investigate shifting media consumption patterns and examine the best ways to break into the news landscape so you can improve how you "pitch" news stories. Use the attached workshop documents for guidance.


Alexis Blue, Director of News Content and Communications
Nick Prevenas, Director, Media Relations University Communications


Together We Build the Future

What did Winston Churchill mean when he said, "We shape our buildings, and thereafter they shape us"? Get an insider's look to find out what is currently happening and what is soon to come in construction and campus development. The "what, why, and how" we build great brand stewardship at Arizona is always a source of pride. So too is the inspirational architecture and outdoor space development that occurs on campus due to talented stewards working behind the scenes.

Communications CreativeStrategy

Peter Dourlein, Associate Vice President, University Architect, Planning, Design & Construction


Future of Our Social Ecosystem

We discussed lessons learned from using Social Studio these last few years. Then we showcased the newly approved social enterprise system and how we plan to use this tool to reinvigorate cross-campus social collaboration.


Kimberly Winchell, Analyst, Implementation, University Information Technology Services
Cindy Rupp Valdez, Director of CRM Strategy
Emily Stulz, Director, Social Media Campus Brand Engagement


Creating University Branded Content: Quick and Easy Tips

Learn tips to create effective and memorable designs within the University brand framework. Whether you are creating campaigns to represent the University or a department special event, we discussed approaches you can use every day. Everything from typography and logos to photography and graphic elements, plus how to creatively utilize resources—especially if you don’t have any to start with.


Cory Aaland, Creative Director, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement
Mindy Burnett, Manager, Marketing Communications, College of Veterinary Medicine
Jessica Estrella, Art Director, Marketing & Brand Management




Resources That Support Life-Work Integration

Most of us spend approximately eight hours a day as a University of Arizona employee. But you could also be a parent, a daughter or son, or a caregiver to an elder, roles that don't end when your job title begins. In this flash session, we discussed how to honor all your roles and experience wellness at work and home using resources and services available to you at Arizona.


Kim Mathie, Specialist, Communications / Marketing, Life & Work Connections | Human Resources


Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement

The University of Arizona is seeking the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement for the first time, a designation that will have numerous benefits for campus. We shared our internal process for completing the application and achieving the 2024 classification as well as specific ways to participate in the application process to highlight projects and efforts underway across campus.


Julie Katsel, Assistant Vice President, Community Relations, Government & Community Relations


Optimizing Our International Student Marketing

Each year, Arizona International implements a marketing and recruitment strategy to engage our future international students across every continent. We shared how we promote the University of Arizona to diverse international markets through the future student recruitment cycle, as well as how we understand each future student's goals and aspirations and help them make an informed decision for one of life's most important steps.

CommunicationsStrategy Digital 

David Richards, Executive Director, International Marketing and Communications, Arizona International


Trellis - Your Platform for Engagement

Three years in, Trellis has developed into a multi-channel platform of engagement for email marketing, event management, texting campaigns, appointments and service. Learn why today more than 250 communicators use Trellis Marketing Cloud and have sent over 30 million emails. And with just over 250 events supported on Trellis events, we continue to evolve its capabilities to be more user-friendly for both professional and occasional event coordinators.

CommunicationsStrategy Digital 

Darcy Van Patten, Chief Technology Officer, University Information Technology Services


Google Analytics 4

Are you a Google Analytics user? Next July, Google will sunset Universal Analytics in full support of the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4). If you rely on year-over-year data, learn how to turn on GA4 today to prep for next year’s reporting plus back up your old data.


Catherine Gustafson, Business Analyst
Maria Cardenas Perez, Associate Director, Marketing Media Marketing & Brand Management
Tiffany Sellwood, Chief Analytics Officer, Metrics Edge


Being Part of 'The Conversation’

The University of Arizona is a partner with The Conversation, a nonprofit, independent news organization dedicated to unlocking the knowledge of experts for the public good. Together, we develop a series of timely, thought-provoking and popular articles, and Arizona experts have contributed more than 150 articles to date. This presentation will help explain the benefits of appearing in The Conversation, along with tips on how to properly pitch a story.


Nick Prevenas, Director, Media Relations, University Communications




Evolving Our Internal Communications

The University’s 21,000 employees and student workers make up one of our largest internal audiences. The panel shared recent findings from the Initiative for Collaborative Internal Communications that will help inform your own communications strategy, including insights and best practices for effectively communicating and engaging with faculty and staff.



Brad Contento, Manager, Communications, Human Resources
Andy DuMont, Director of Communications, Executive Office of the President
Melissa Martinez, Manager, Communications, Office of the Provost
Kelly South, Senior Director, Marketing / Communications, Office of the Chief Information Officer

Moderator: Marie-Chantale Maltais, Executive Director, Internal Communications, University Communications


Shape the Future of Our Arizona Websites

What do you wish you could do with your website that isn't possible today? In this workshop, we generated new ideas to make Quickstart meet your evolving digital storytelling needs.


Simmons Buntin, Director, Marketing/Communications, College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture
Cameron Green, Web Application Developer/Analyst, University Information Technology Services
Tom McCarthy, Senior UI/UX Designer, Marketing & Brand Management


Make DEI Part of Your Marketing DNA

To prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), we must get away from performative initiatives. This session helps identify why and how DEI should be ingrained into your marketing DNA. You will take away practical strategies on how to create inclusive marketing plans, avoid missteps and how to attract diverse eyes to your organization. Use the attached workshop documents for guidance.


Thomas Harris, Associate Athletics Director, Inclusion and Employee Engagement, Arizona Athletics


Embargoes: (Most) Everything You Need to Know

Most communications and marketing professionals encounter them at least once: communications embargoes. Embargoes cover any restriction on when, how and to whom information can be provided. This presentation provides usable information on how to navigate, not to be intimidated by, and how to leverage embargoes to enhance your marcom efforts.


Daniel Stolte, Science Writer, University Communications


Activate Your Alumni And Donors

Curious about how our alumni stay connected to the University after they graduate? How exactly DO we foster an affinity for the institution? In this panel discussion, Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement marketing leaders offered insight into their work to help you better understand the alumni and donor experience. Walk away with new ideas on how you can activate these important champions.

StrategyCommunications Creative

Cory Aaland, Creative Director
Sarah Beaudry, Senior Director, Communications
Jess Jenkins, Director, Digital Marketing
Liz Warren-Pederson, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement


If there was a grade better than an A+, I'd give it without hesitation.

The ONE Conference is a must-attend event that provides information and inspiration and builds culture across the University's communications team. As someone who is new to the University, the conference turbocharged my onboarding process…I learned in one day what it would have taken six months on my own and especially appreciated the commitment and enthusiasm from our "camp counselors" and expertise shared by our presenters.

⸺Zak Mitch, Center for the Philosophy of Freedom

Being off campus can lead to disconnected moments, so I was eager to attend this year's conference. Boy was it a great day of information, innovation and collaboration! I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that I immediately shared with my co-workers. I also encouraged them to keep an eye out for the 2023 conference. I like to think of Extension as the cousin to the University, we may not look exactly alike, but you know we are related.

⸺Natoyah Swift, Cochise County Cooperative Extension