History is made by those who show up. Here are a few ways you can get involved in shaping our UA brand platform and engaging with the communities who are taking our work to the next level.

UA Creative

Elevate the power of the UA brand by refining our tools and how we use them. Join marketing professionals across multiple UA campuses and rethink how we illustrate and talk about our university through branding.

Contact: Misha Harrison, Creative Director, Marketing & Brand Management | 520-621-0213

And contact members of each UA Creative sub-group directly through the UA Creative Community List including:

  • Design and Photography Community
  • Market Research Community
  • Writing Community
  • Video Community

UA Digital

Join forces with Drupal developers across campus to resolve common pain points and build UA web tools that redefine “user-friendly.”

Contact: Barrett Baffert, Director, Digital Marketing  | 520-621-0377

UA Social

Resonate the University's brand through social collaboration and engagement! This group meets once a month to discuss tools and campaigns that can amplify our voice. Join to be a part of the social media community on such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Contact: Erik McEwen, Manager, Social Media | 520-621-8747

UA Attractions

Enhance awareness of the UA as a destination with this group of knowledgeable leaders who represent our captivating on- and off-campus attractions.

Contact: John Denker, Senior Director of Marketing | 520-621-4140

UA Communicators

Curate the UA’s stories and advance awareness of our outstanding achievements. The UA Communicators group is lead by the University Communications team that works in parallel with Marketing & Brand Management. This is a great way to connect with communicators across disciplines who are sharing how the University tackles grand challenges.

Contact: Pam Scott, Associate Vice President, External Communications, University Communications | 520-621-1951