UA Quickstart

A Complete, Customized Drupal

UA Quickstart is a complete, customized version of the popular Drupal content management system, not an add-on to an existing Drupal-based web site. Previously, to start a new Drupal site, you would prepare a web server and database and then download the Drupal core software from drupal.org and install it.

This would produce a minimally functional web site with no content, which you could then customize by adding themes and modules to fit it to your needs.

Increasingly, however, you can download Drupal distributions, which not only contain the core, but also complete sets of additions to make it almost immediately useful for a particular purpose, such as an online storefront.

UA Quickstart is a combination of Drupal 7 core, plus many additional features and modules specific to the University of Arizona. UA Quickstart also comes pre-packaged with demo content that you can modify or delete for your convenience.

Featuring UA Bootstrap

UA Quickstart uses a custom, UA-branded version of Bootstrap - a mobile first HTML, CSS, and Javascript framework. We are continuously working to make Quickstart accessibleflexible, and highly customizable.

Built by UA Digital

A team of web-focused volunteers known as UA Digital meets weekly to build and test products like UA Bootstrap and UA Quickstart.

  • Join the UA Digital discussions on Slack
  • Submit pull requests on Bitbucket

Questions, bugs, or suggestions can also be emailed to brand@email.arizona.edu

UA Bootstrap

UA Bootstrap is the University of Arizona's flavor of Bootstrap (aka "Twitter Bootstrap"), a popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

The UA Bootstrap example page is an introduction of how a site leveraging the framework looks and feels. Change your browser size or look at the page on multiple devices to get a sense of the responsive design.

UA Bootstrap provides a portion of the frontend styles found within UA Quickstart.

Using UA Bootstrap

Want to use UA Bootstrap on a new project or apply the framework to an existing site? Point your technical team to the UA Bootstrap documentation.

Improving UA Bootstrap

Any release of UA Bootstrap (including the initial 1.0.0-alpha1 release) is tested and ready to use. But improvements to the framework are in everyone's best interest. A team of web-focused volunteers known as Arizona Digital meets weekly to build and test products like UA Bootstrap and UA Quickstart. 

UA Sites

UA Managed Sites is a new fully managed platform offering the ability to quickly deliver professionally designed customizable websites that require minimal to no development expertise.

Building off of the UA Digital framework, UA Managed Sites is the next generation of Site-in-a-Box offering, providing a platform for campus to create Drupal sites that are more robust and flexible enough to meet the various needs of department and college websites.

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